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Adriel Soares advises clients on how to develop their leaders to help maximize capital and deliver long-term results.

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Adriel Soares partners with clients across the Industrial and Natural Resources Industry to develop tailored strategies for finding capable and knowledgeable leaders.

Based in Sao Paulo, he brings a decade of past experiences in industrial operations and management consulting, particularly in working closely with clients advising them in strategic commercial, organizational and performance topics.

Previously, Adriel was a consultant at Boston Consulting Group, focused in the industrial goods and natural resources sector. In that role, he led offices´ efforts on developing competence matrixes for companies to assess their Board of Directors and advised clients across organizational topics such and effectiveness and performance measurements. Before that, he was the general manager for a construction branch of a family owned holding with Adriel began his career as in investment banker at Banco Safra.

Adriel holds a bachelor’s in metallurgical engineering from the University of Sao Paulo with distinctions and an MBA from INSEAD.
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Energy and Natural Resources Executive Search Industrial

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