How Great Leaders Unlock the Power of Technology

Gaining advantage from technology starts with bold leadership.

How Great Leaders Unlock the Power of Technology

Every organization has invested millions in technology. But few have become truly tech-enabled businesses.

Only 36% of CEOs

think executives have what it takes to transform their business through technology.

Missed opportunities will keep on growing…
  • High risk of disruption from tech-first players
  • Poor ROI on multi-million tech investments
  • Inertia and lost market opportunities

…Until the conversation shifts.

True customer centric & technology transformation only happens with great leaders. And this starts with the CEO.

Tech-first CEOs...

  • Commit to act, even when the business is performing
  • Know where they are in the tech journey—and where to go
  • Expect every leader to understand how tech drives growth
  • Build agile cultures that allow innovation to thrive

So, what makes tech-first

CEOs and executives different?

Bold Vision

Bring the entire organization on the journey, winning over hearts and minds.

Growth Mindset

Commit to a continuous learning journey, decoupling ego from achievement.

Collaborative Mindset

See co-operation as an imperative, so boldly break down silos.


Adopt a fail-fast mentality that increases tolerance to risk and allows innovation to flourish.

Partnership Mindset

Actively seek to work with outside organizations, and even competitors

How we help

  • Understand your organization’s tech maturity
  • Find and develop leaders who understand how technology drives growth
  • Embed technology acumen within leadership performance
  • Nurture a tech culture to foster innovation


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