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Sustainable LeadershipSustainability Officers
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June 30, 2023
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Sustainable LeadershipSustainability Officers
Executive Summary
Discover if you have the right mindset and skill sets to progress sustainability.

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From our research of hundreds of CEOs, board directors, and C-suite executives, we know that the leaders who’ve made significant progress on sustainability typically possess five specific traits.

Take our new Sustainable Leadership Index to learn if you have the right mindset and skill set to move the dial on sustainability.

It takes 15 minutes to complete and gives you a personal Sustainable Leadership Score, plus practical guidance on how you can build your sustainability muscles.

The good news is that sustainable leaders aren’t just born. They are also made.

At Russell Reynolds Associates, we believe that sustainability success is within the reach of every business executive—and we are determined to increase the number of sustainable leaders in the world from hundreds to thousands, for the good of business, the economy, and the planet.

The Sustainable Leadership Index is just one way we plan to do that.

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How we support sustainable leadership

To future-proof your business, we work with you to recruit and develop leaders who understand why sustainability issues are vital to long-term success—and how to capture the opportunity.


Enhance your board’s sustainability credentials

Sustainable leadership starts at the very top. We find ways to strengthen ESG oversight by advising on how your board embeds a sustainability lens into its culture and structure, as well as directors’ sustainable leadership credentials.


Develop sustainable executives

Executive leadership teams need to work together towards your sustainability vision. So, we work with your top team to assess and develop executives’ sustainability capabilities.


Find leaders with a sustainable mindset

Our unique approach to assessment ensures we find CEOs, board members, and CxOs who have the mindset and skills to drive sustainability in your organization. In fact, 46% of the job specifications we create talk about sustainability.


Find world-class sustainability function leads

With access to an unrivaled pool of sustainability talent, we work with you to find best-in-class Chief Sustainability Officers, Heads of ESG, sustainable finance leaders, and leaders for sustainability business units.


Train sustainable leaders with MIT

We’ve partnered with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management to create and run a sustainable leadership course exclusively for senior executives.





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