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January 11, 2019
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Leadership StrategiesSuccessionFinancial ServicesBoard and CEO AdvisoryExecutive Search
Pan-Asia's Leadership Challenges 
Despite the rosy macroeconomic outlook, local and multi-national insurers face a multitude of complex social, political, technological and financial challenges in Asia:

Are the current generation of insurance leaders equipped to deal with these issues?

The pressures of doing business in Asia have resulted in a unique challenge for MNCs and local companies. What type of leader do these organisations require in order to be successful?

In response, Russell Reynolds has evaluated the backgrounds, experience levels and competencies of insurance CEOs across the region.
1 Uribe, Alice and Joyce Moullakis, “Manulife's new president Roy Gori says understanding Asia is key” Financial Review, April 2, 2017.


In order to understand more about the career history of insurance CEOs, Russell Reynolds analyzed the backgrounds of over 30 Asia based CEOs working in both the life and general insurance segments of the industry. We also compared the differences between CEOs working in multi-national companies (MNCs) versus those in local or domestic insurers.


What Are The Key Differentiators? 

Stand-out characteristics of insurance CEOs in Asia

We see three characteristics that stand out as compared to our global CEO benchmarks: the ability to execute through uncertainty, capacity to act as connectors and the tendency to exude optimism.