DEI at Russell Reynolds Associates | 2021 Annual Report

DEIDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory
min Report
Constantine Alexandrakis
April 20, 2022
7 min
DEIDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory
Executive Summary
We know that creating a more diverse and inclusive RRA will have positive impact not just on our colleagues, but also on our clients and communities.


We’re on our way to building a diverse and inclusive firm where everyone belongs and thrives.

At Russell Reynolds Associates, our purpose is to improve the way the world is led. One of the ways we help make that happen for clients is through diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) advisory work and ensuring equitable search and succession practices. But we know that to be the most effective advisors to our clients, we need to live our purpose inside, out.

We firmly believe in our mission to advance racial equity and gender parity, both for our clients and inside our firm, and this report is a vital step forward to set clear, measurable goals and a baseline by which we will hold ourselves accountable. As we often see in our leadership advisory work for clients, these are not comfortable conversations to have, but with the public release of this first annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Progress Report – we are setting a critically important standard for our industry for DEI transparency.

In our 2021 DEI Annual Report you will find key data points that highlight what is working and where we need to accelerate progress. We will also shed light on the many areas where we are committed to doing more – to become better partners for our clients and to make our firm a more inclusive place to work.


What you will find in our 2021 Annual Report:

  • Overview: DEI for colleagues, clients and community

RRA is dedicated to ensuring our firm reflects the world in which we live and work. As a global firm, we must live our value of inclusion to make RRA a workplace where all colleagues belong and can advance their careers. This is integral to improving the way the world is led. By embracing and harnessing the diverse perspectives of our colleagues we will strengthen our culture, deliver exceptional service to clients, and accelerate our impact in our communities.

  • Progress inside our firm

From creating our DEI advisory practice for clients to increasing diversity on our Board and inside the firm, RRA has taken important steps to advance our efforts over the past five years.

  • Furthering our impact

For years we have been committed to strengthening the world’s diverse leadership bench and enabling underrepresented groups to advance their careers. 

  • Our path forward

 We are committed to embedding DEI into all of our advisory work, including Equitable Search and Succession Practices to deliver diverse and inclusive candidate slates, and more.



“While a lot has been done to move forward on building a more diverse leadership bench at RRA, we’re not where we want to be. We’re not standing still. This is imperative for us to continue to deliver for our clients and improve the way the world is led. And we will.”

Constantine Alexandrakis,
CEO Russell Reynolds Associates


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