SID Nominating Committee Chairman’s Conversation 2021

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The SID Chairman’s Conversation series aims to foster sharing and learning among peer chairmen on topics that are of interest and impact.



SID Nominating Committee Chairman’s Conversation 2021: The Nominating Committee – Architects of Transformation

We are pleased to partner with the Singapore Institute of Directors to explore the topic "The Nominating Committee – Architects of Transformation”. By far one of the most important elements supporting Boards, the Nominating Committees (NCs) are increasingly recognized as change catalysts, having the power to influence culture as well as diversity of perspectives and skills within the Boardroom. The tone it sets at the top permeates through the organization to drive change, as well as enhance performance and returns.  

Tone at the top aside, the optics associated with a well-constituted and high-performing Board also assure stakeholders that governance processes are in place and functioning effectively, which in turn drives market value. The NC in this regard plays a critical role in all this - beyond building the “face” of the Board, it is also charged with determining whether the Board is adequately positioned to navigate business challenges that lie ahead, and to build functional capabilities within the Board where necessary.  

During this session, we will delve into conversations exploring how to align the NC with the broader organizational corporate strategy and transformation initiatives, and debate on the mandate of the NC in the new economy, given the blurring of traditional lines of responsibility between the Board and Management. Gain access to new insights, surveys and thought leadership pieces on Corporate Governance and Board Leadership. 

Event date: 30 November 2021  
Location: The Dutch Pavilion, Shangri-la Singapore  
Time: 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM  SGT