To the Top: How to Elevate More Women Leaders—Faster

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Jenna Fisher
Fireside chat between Dame Vivian Hunt and Jenna C. Fisher to get the inside track on how we can get more women leaders to the top—faster.


We cannot wait another 132 years to achieve gender parity. 

Watch our event with Dame Vivian Hunt, Chief Innovation Officer at UnitedHealth Group, and RRA leadership advisor and author Jenna C. Fisher on how we can accelerate progress and help more women leaders take the helm of organizations today.

Dame Vivian Hunt and Jenna C. Fisher discuss RRA’s latest book, To The Top: How Women in Corporate Leadership are Rewriting the Rules for Success,” which reveals why we now face a once-in-a-generation opportunity to close the gender gap at the top of organizations today.

You’ll learn:

  • Why women are well-suited to lead companies through the complex challenges facing our world.
  • The stories of women business leaders at the top of organizations today—their success, their missteps, and their lessons for success.
  • What organizations can actively do to build high-functioning, diverse leadership teams.


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