"BLINK Unpacked” a new joint partnership between McKinsey & Company and Russell Reynolds Associates.


Back in November 2019, McKinsey hosted BLINK, a digital disruption conference for senior executives with responsibility for their organisation’s digital and analytics functions. The discussion focused on how to tackle current barriers, examined future trends and discussed the incredible pace of technological change. It did not predict the global pandemic that was just around the corner, accelerating digital transformation by around 7 years in just 6 months.

As we begin to reconvene in-person once more, we think the time is right to BLINK again – this time through a series of intimate discussions for digital leaders. These sessions will provide regular opportunities to network with peers, learn from each other, and really unpack how we move to action on some of the stickiest problems that tech leaders are grappling with. We’re going to get started with a session on “Accelerating Tech in the UK”.



BLINK Unpacked


Event date:Tuesday 13 September

Venue: Tate Modern, London



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