Divides and Dividends Methodology

This unprecedented sustainable leadership study was conducted with 9,500 employees and next-generation leaders in 11 growth and mature markets from April 16 to May 12, 2021.


Russell Reynolds Associates fielded a survey in 11 growth and mature markets across three job levels. Responses were collected from 8,594 employees and next-generation leaders, and 907 C-suite leaders.

The survey was designed to:

  • Understand the current state of sustainability—environmental and social—at organizations
  • Calibrate the importance different populations place on economic, social, technological and environmental issues
  • Determine the barriers to embedding sustainability into corporate strategy and identify leadership actions to overcome them

Determine the current state of sustainable leadership capability—whether leaders have the requisite experience, attributes and competencies to drive the sustainability agenda By collecting responses from the three different audiences, we are able to compare and contrast the perceptions and attitudes of individuals at different levels within an organization and to identify the most pressing divides that need to be understood and addressed.


Divides and Dividends

Access an unprecedented sustainable leadership study with 9,500 respondents in 11 countries and learn what actions leaders should take to deliver lasting value for people, planet and profit.