Seize The Sustainability Opportunity

We help you find and develop sustainable leaders across your organization.


Sustainability is now a key growth driver. So, you need leaders who can help your organization rethink its total impact on the environment and society, as well as its approach to governance.

We help you find and develop sustainable leaders across the C-suite and board who have the commitment and vision to deliver visible results across the full spectrum of sustainability.

Our promise to you

Driven by our purpose to improve the way the world is led, and using our unrivalled sustainable leadership research and experience, we find leaders who’ll help you seize the opportunities of sustainability.

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How we support sustainable leadership

To future-proof your business, we work with you to recruit and develop leaders who understand why sustainability issues are vital to long-term success—and how to capture the opportunity. 

Enhance your board’s sustainability credentials 
Sustainable leadership starts at the very top. We find ways to strengthen ESG oversight by advising on your board’s culture and structure, as well as directors’ sustainable leadership credentials. 

Develop sustainable executives 
Executive leadership teams need to work together towards your sustainability vision. So, we work with your top team to assess and develop executives’ sustainability capabilities. 

Find leaders with a sustainable mindset 
Our unique approach to assessment ensures we find CEOs, board members and CxOs who have the mindset and skills to drive sustainability in your organization.

Find world-class sustainability function leads 
With access to an unrivalled pool of sustainability talent, we work with you to find best-in-class Chief Sustainability Officers, Heads of ESG, sustainable finance leaders, and leaders for sustainability business units. 


Our approach to finding sustainable leaders

We work with visionary organizations to find leaders with proven sustainability expertise, as well as assess and develop sustainable leaders within their existing teams.

Start with the right questions
Before advising on new leaders, we get to know your goals and challenges, and how your top team already performs.

Predict sustainability performance 
Our proprietary sustainable leadership assessment model  enables you to accurately predict a leader’s ability to deliver tangible sustainability results.

Put diversity at the center
We’ve led the market in diversity placements for 20+ years, with access to a diverse pool of highly sought-after candidates.

Transition successfully
By getting to know your top team and our candidates, we help you create an environment where new leaders bring their experience to bear at pace.


What makes a sustainable leader?   

Based on interviews with sustainability pioneers, we developed a first-of-its-kind blueprint of the skills leaders need to move the dial on sustainability.

We use this sustainable leadership model as the foundation of our search, assessment, and development work to ensure you get best-in-class sustainability leaders.


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