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A great leader can transform your organization. Yet finding the right one is never easy. That’s where we come in.

Whether you need a new CEO, CxO, or board member, we help you find the best person for the job—and set them up for success.





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Our promise to you

Always grounded in our purpose to improve the way the world is led, we find leaders who will help you seize the opportunities of a dynamic world.

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Our approach to finding great leaders

Operating from 47 offices around the world, we work with organizations to bring in new leaders while strengthening those they already have.

Start with the right questions
Before advising on new leaders, we get to know your goals and challenges, and how your top team already performs.

Challenge with purpose
We listen to what you want from a leader, and act with transparency and candor to advise on what you really need.

Put diversity at the center
We’ve led the market in diversity placements for 20+ years, with access to a diverse pool of highly sought-after candidates.

Predict performance
Our exclusive partnership with Hogan Assessment Systems enables you to accurately predict a leader’s ability to deliver tangible results.

Transition successfully
By getting to know your top team and our candidates, we help you create an environment where new leaders bring their experience to bear at pace.

Maintain confidentiality
Confidentiality is a cornerstone of our executive search process. It’s vital to a successful experience for your organization and candidates.


How we find the right leader for you

Using our eight-step process, we work with you to find the right candidate in as little as 14 weeks.


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