From energy transition to technology transformation, today’s industrial sector finds itself at a crossroads, where companies with the most nimble, innovative leaders will set themselves apart.

Industrial businesses are evolving rapidly with renewed movement and funding behind sustainable energies, processes, and technology. Is your organization keeping pace? We uncover next-generation leaders capable of managing organizational transformation, reprioritizing short and long-term strategic options, and gaining market share in an increasingly competitive environment. This is not the time to be second place.

Lead the Charge on Energy Transition

75% of industrial leaders have voiced a passion for sustainability and make that part of their corporate strategy. 

From automotive to chemicals, infrastructure to energy, all players in the industrial sector are being impacted by an increasing focus on sustainability and a rapid pace of transition dictated by both internal and external pressures. We execute search assignments across the C-suite and boardroom to find dynamic, purpose-driven leaders capable of navigating this change. With more than 100 consultants across 46 offices, our dedicated industrial team brings a global view to each specialized market that can put your business in a unique position to succeed.  

Take a Specialized Approach  

Energy Transition has risen to the top as a critical matter facing our industrial clients across the sector. As front-runner in our industry, we have launched this global specialty practice to accelerate the customized client solutions developed by our consultants with passion and expertise in this emerging field. This is part of our constant effort to evolve with our clients, help them see around corners, and work with them on leadership solutions ahead of the curve.  

Focus on Technology  

Automation and connectivity now serve as the backbone of today’s industrial sector. Leaders need to demonstrate digital agility and an understanding of how technology impacts their business models as well as their products, services, and internal processes. Innovation leaves winners and losers.  Let us assist you in finding forward-looking leaders that can position your organization to reap the commercial benefits of meaningfully executed innovation. 





of industrial leaders have voiced a passion for sustainability and make that part of their corporate strategy.

agree that digital transformation of manufacturing is essential to their company’s future success.

has increased the number of countries that committed to net zero emissions targets in 2020.


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