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Closing Date

Financial Conduct Authority Director for Cross-Cutting Policy & Strategy P2403-038L London, Edinburgh, or Leeds May 20st
UK Export Finance Co-Heads of Business Group 2402-075L London April 21st

The Nuffield Foundation

Chief Executive Officer
 2402-027L London April 8th

Sellafield Ltd

Cumbria / Remote 

Financial Conduct Authority
Director for Cross-Cutting Policy & Strategy

London, Edinburgh, or Leeds

At the FCA, we’re creating a fair and more resilient financial system. We’re establishing more transparent relationships between financial services and customers, building trust in financial markets, and protecting vulnerable consumers.

We’re currently on an exciting journey as we drive forward significant organisational, people, process, and technology transformation to become a more forward-thinking, proactive regulator. Significant improvements in digital enablement, business intelligence, market data and information management maturity are all being pursued to maintain our position as a world leader in financial services regulation.

We’re looking for a Director to lead the Cross-Cutting Policy and Strategy Directorate (CCPS), within the Supervision Policy & Competition Division. This is an exciting opportunity to lead a Directorate that is at the heart of FCA policy-making and consumer protection. CCPS plays a pivotal role in leading and supporting delivery of many of the FCA’s highest-profile policies, including the Consumer Duty, Smarter Regulatory Framework, and AI policy.

CCPS both leads the delivery of cross-cutting policies and supports other Divisions across the FCA to deliver. It plays a critical role in leading policies that affect multiple financial services markets, such as redress, prudential, AI and consumer policy. It also plays a central function, co-ordinating projects where multiple Divisions have responsibility for delivery, such as the Smarter Regulatory Framework programme of file transfers, the Consumer Duty, and our response to support consumers affected by cost of living pressures.

The Director of CCPS will take a key leadership role at the FCA, serving as the overall head of the policy profession. They will manage a senior leadership team and  the resources of the CCPS Directorate, as well as working in a matrix fashion with teams across other areas of SPC and the FCA to ensure effective co-ordination and delivery of cross-sector work.

The closing date for applications is 23:59 on Monday 20th May, 2024.

The recruitment process is being undertaken by Russell Reynolds Associates on behalf of the FCA. For further information about the position and additional details on qualifications, requirements, terms and conditions of service and how to apply, please review the Position Specification below

Position Specification

UK Export Finance
Co-Heads of Business Group


International trade is a fundamental driver of economic growth. History has shown that open, trading economies generate wealth, create jobs, increase consumer choice and value for money and can lead to higher standards of living. UK Export Finance (UKEF) is the UK's export credit agency, playing a vital role in supporting British businesses in overseas markets. With over 100 years of experience, we provide loans, guarantees, and insurance to help UK companies succeed in international trade. Our mission is to ensure no viable UK export fails due to lack of finance or insurance.

UKEF has recently undergone an internal consultation to review its current structure of the Business Group (BG) and a decision has been made to create two new distinct directorates, in order to fully focus on specific customer requirements and to aid product delivery for the respective markets in which UKEF support. Each directorate will be headed by a Director who will also be a member of the UKEF’s Executive Committee; in practice the co-Heads will work closely and collaboratively together in the interests of the whole Group to deliver a vision of “One BG”. By creating two separate directorates each Director will be able to focus on key deliverables for their respective markets.

The Director of Large Corporates and International will lead a newly formed directorate consisting of the Civil, Infrastructure & Energy division, the Aero & Defence division, and the origination division. Origination also includes UKEF’s international network which sources many of our new buyer financing opportunities globally, with the underwriting teams who then execute those transactions. By aligning more closely the origination and underwriting division, this will allow the relationship to become more tightly focussed and will facilitate the desire to further deepen the interactions and promote more seamless cross-team working.

UKEF believes that the SME market will continue to expand and as such, is creating a second new directorate which will signal to our SME customers, counterparties and key stakeholders the importance of this sector to the future success of our business. The Director of Small and Medium Enterprises and Trade Finance will lead UKEF’s team of regionally-based Export Finance Managers to deliver new customers to the business, the Small and Medium Enterprise team to drive the case load generated from our range of innovative products, as well as leading the wider BG support team.

These are exceptional roles by any standards. The nature and quality of the corporate finance business you’ll manage, the strong social purpose underlying that business, and the range of geographies and sectors it covers is second to none. They are truly commercial roles with public sector purpose. The work can be intense, but it is endlessly rewarding in terms of the support provided to UK businesses and jobs, the families and communities who rely on those jobs, and the communities overseas who benefit from the projects we underwrite.

UKEF has retained Russell Reynolds Associates to advise on these appointments. For further information about the positions and additional details on qualifications, requirements, terms and conditions of service and how to apply, please review the Position Specification below.

The closing date for applications is 23:59 on Sunday 21st April 2024.


Position Specification

The Nuffield Foundation
Chief Executive Officer


The Nuffield Foundation, an independent charitable trust dedicated to advancing educational opportunity and social well-being, is seeking a visionary and collaborative leader to join us as our Chief Executive.

At the Nuffield Foundation, we aim to offer expert, independent, and trusted research on critical issues such as education, the economy, justice, welfare, and the ethics of AI. Our unique position as an organisation with a broad social remit and financial independence allows us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who lack opportunities or support.

As Chief Executive, you will play a pivotal role in delivering on our purpose. You will lead and direct our talented in-house team while serving as a vital link to our exceptional trustees, who are committed to achieving greater social justice through their expertise. We seek a thoughtful and collaborative leader who can navigate complex problems, driven by a core social purpose.

While the Nuffield Foundation collaborates with research councils, charities, governments, and practitioners, we are not limited to a single-issue approach. We value someone who can work with diverse stakeholders, appreciates the value of research in tackling social problems, and can guide our team alongside our engaged trustee board.

We welcome applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds. Academic experience is not a prerequisite, but intellectual rigour, integrity, and exceptional capabilities are essential. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a passion for guiding our work towards a broad social impact, engaging stakeholders from academia, policymakers, government, and business. Above all, they should have an unwavering commitment to serving the beneficiaries for whom the Foundation was established.

This role offers an opportunity to lead an organisation dedicated to making a positive difference, working alongside dedicated experts and professionals. The Nuffield Foundation is embarking on a new chapter in its proud history, and we seek a Chief Executive who can provide thoughtful leadership with a shared sense of purpose. If you are inspired by this endeavour and believe you possess the commitment and experience we need, we encourage you to apply.

The closing date for applications is 23:59 on April 8th.

The Nuffield Foundation has retained Russell Reynolds Associates to advise on this appointment. For further information about the position and additional details on qualifications, requirements, terms and conditions of service and how to apply, please review the Position Specification below


Position Specification

Sellafield Ltd

Cumbria / Remote

Sellafield, a leader in the UK's nuclear industry, is seeking an experienced individual to serve as the Chair of the Sellafield Board.

With a legacy of nuclear operations, including Europe's most hazardous facilities, Sellafield is dedicated to decommissioning, reprocessing, and managing nuclear waste.

As Chair, you will provide strong leadership of the Sellafield Board on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. You will collaborate with the Sellafield Executive team and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Board to drive strategic direction.

This role will be expected to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance, overseeing the company's values, safety measures, and operational objectives. Reporting to the NDA Board, you will play a pivotal role in advancing Sellafield's mission, collaborating with other NDA group companies and maintaining relationships with regulators and partners across the supply chain.

The Sellafield Chair will:

  • Lead the Sellafield Board, and act as a key interlocutor between the organisation and the NDA group, demonstrating a proactive approach to developing an ever- stronger partnership and collaborative culture.
  • Sensitively build trusting relationships with key stakeholders such as HM Government, community stakeholder groups, employees and more
  • Regularly review and scrutinise Sellafield’s performance against both its own objectives, and those of the wider NDA group.
  • Ensure Sellafield continues to maintain the highest standards of nuclear and conventional safety, continuing to elevate standards through actively promoting the organisation’s collaborative partnership with regulators.
  • Provide challenge and support to the senior leaders across Sellafield, with a particular emphasis on the CEO, taking clear steps to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Promote strong corporate values and high standards of individual and organisational behaviour, in lockstep with the development of a high-performance culture.
  • Act as a role model to the organisation for individuals across all levels.
  • Ensure Sellafield conforms to the highest standards of corporate governance.
  • Take the lead, in collaboration with the NDA, in reviewing the composition, structure and effectiveness of the board.
  • Contribute to the elevation of the nuclear industry as a go-to sector for the nation’s most talented people.
  • Support the development of Sellafield’s brand and reputation, in line with both Sellafield & NDA values and good governance, the Chair will act as a vanguard for the organisation as it seeks to further develop itself as a critical enterprise within the United Kingdom.

The personal and Boardroom style of the individual will be an important consideration in this appointment. Candidates will need to demonstrate the following:

  • Experience operating at CEO or executive committee level within complex, asset-intensive delivery environments, across the industrial sector.
  • A demonstrable track record of high performance and judiciousness, with the credibility to openly and fairly challenge senior leaders inside and outside of the organisation.
  • A diplomatic mindset, with an ability to lead and collaborate across formal and informal organisational boundaries.
  • Experience operating at Board level in the UK is critical, though recent CEO experience gained within comparably complex organisations will be firmly considered.
  • A solid grasp of Board imperatives including governance, dynamics, and committees is crucial.
  • A history of successfully leading organisations through change and acting as a role model to demonstrate the highest levels of performance, collaboration, and integrity.
  • Nuclear experience is not necessary; however, an understanding of safety-critical or high-hazard operational environments is important.

The NDA has retained Russell Reynolds Associates to advise on this appointment. For further information about the position and additional details on qualifications, requirements, terms and conditions of service and how to apply, please review the Position Specification below


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