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The Russell Reynolds Associates 2022 Sustainability Report is the inaugural sustainability publication of Russell Reynolds Associates. The report formalizes our previous approach to sustainability communications, reflects on our achievements and performance over the past year, and defines a roadmap for our future efforts. The scope of metrics and narrative in this report span from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. To appropriately address each of our stakeholder groups, the content is segmented into four impact areas: Within Our Firm, With Our Colleagues, In Our Communities, and With Our Clients.

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and Anti-Corruption, we remain committed to the Ten Principles of the Compact. Learn more about our ongoing commitment by reviewing our latest UNGC Communication of Progress Report.

The disclosures in this report have been prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Professional and Commercial Services Standard.

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Together, we’re shaping a better future


Our 2022 Sustainability Report was possible thanks to the contributions of the following colleagues.

As soon as I joined RRA in March 2022, colleagues from around the world reached out to introduce themselves as people who want to help to move our firm forward on our sustainability journey. Many have told me it’s because they believe sustainability is aligned with our purpose of improving the way the world is led. These qualities— collaboration, a bias toward action, and a pride in our purpose—will be so valuable as we challenge ourselves to think differently about how we can address the changing needs of our clients and shape a better future for our global society and planet.

I’m excited about what’s next, and I’m grateful to meet and work with even more colleagues, clients, and community partners as we move our sustainability plans forward together.

Pam Fitzpatrick, Global Head of Sustainability, Washington, DC

Constantine Alexandrakis
Eric Allen
Irma Alvarez
Denise Alves
Vicky Arevalo
Brooke Baker
Diana Barragan
Renee Bell
Maria Berchet
Suzanne Bose-Mallick
Drew Brengel
Amy Brown
Ana Calvo
Amanda Cameron
Luisa Cervantes
Edyta Ciesielska
Joann Chin
Tory Clark
Emily Colfer
Erika Costa
Kim Daniels
Axelle Delinotte

Jon Elaisa
Aubree Fairchild
Angela Fekete
Florence Ferraton
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Clemens Frischenschlager
Madga Galgan
Sarah Galloway
Vakul Goel
Emma Golden
Tom Goulian
Anamika Gupta
Holly Haldane
Kurt Harrison
Jamie Hechinger
Matthew Herman
Andrew Hicks
Alison Hulburt
Yomi Ikotun
Julie Johnsen
Sheldon Katz

Simon Kingston
Tanya Kuznetsov
Michelle Lalonde
Sarah Lermsider
Megan Liu
Xin Liu
Geraldine Longid
Eri Maeda
Misha Martinez
Stacey Mazurek
Lisa Meehan
Emily Meneer
Shoko Mita
Clarke Murphy
Angel Navarrete
Gary Neale
Barnaby Noble
Hélène Obert
Ron Ongley
Paul Ottolini
Tina Shah Paikeday

Ellie Parry
Dave Pfister
Daisy Qiang
Nisa Qosja
Laura Sanderson
Monika Schlindwein
Amy Scissons
Leslie Shih
Alwesh Singh
Kelly Smith
Scott Stevens
Margarita Tabang
Anne Tan
Stephanie Tomasso
Naomi Uchibori
Boris Van Doesburg
Petra Verhulst
Linda Wang
Danielle Wynn
Pamela Yau
Effie Zang








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