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Melissa Maheux partners with technology firms to identify and develop leaders who will create technology-driven organizational change.

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Based in Atlanta, Melissa has over ten years of experience in digital transformations, C-suite advisory, and implementing business development strategies. Melissa works with her clients to build leadership teams that can integrate innovative technology and world-class change management to drive business value.

Previously, Melissa spent six years at Google where she managed Fortune 50 client accounts in the HR, cybersecurity, and IT transformation businesses. In that role, she oversaw a team that helped build a billion-dollar cloud business for enterprise customers. Before that, she was a sales executive at IBM.

“If you want to learn about an organization, try to change it.” – Kurt Lewin

Melissa holds a BA in international studies, Hispanic studies, and biology from Earlham College, an MBA from DePaul University, and an MA in organizational psychology and change leadership from Columbia University.
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Areas of Expertise

Customer Activation and Growth Development and Transition Executive Search Operations and Supply Chain Officers Team Effectiveness Technology Technology, Data, and Digital Officers

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