Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Where Opportunity Meets Potential


Despite decades of research pointing to the undeniable value of diverse organizations with inclusive cultures, many companies, and their leaders fall short in matching positive intent with clear, strategic and sustainable action.

Across the board, organizations report a leaky pipeline of diverse leadership. Women and under-represented minority leaders, in particular, experience a gradual decline in representation at the top, compared to white men who continue to make up the vast majority. This lack of demographic diversity has implications for an organization’s ability to innovate, compete and be truly reflective of the people, communities and clients that they serve.

Business impact of prioritizing diversity, equity & inclusion

When senior leaders are supportive of DE&I, employees are…






More engaged

More likely to feel as if they belong

More creative

More likely to stay

Thought Leadership


Walk the Talk: Inclusive Leadership Development Moves the Needle On DE&I
How essential are inclusion and equity to create better diversity and belonging outcomes?

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The Board's Oversight of Racial and Ethnic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
What motivates board oversight of racial equity?

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Positioning Your Chief Diversity Officer For Top Performance
Companies need to establish clear goals and a clear definition of what success looks like for Chief Diversity Officers.

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Elevation: How Organizations Can Accelerate The Rise Of Black Leaders
While all experiences are different, a conversation with Black leaders showed that executives with a strong focus, self-worth and purpose found success.

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The Path to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is Not Always Linear
DE&I efforts do not move in lock step as most organizations see choppy progress over several years while they institute diversity efforts.

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How we can help you

Our solutions are designed to be both broad and deep, working at the individual, team and organizational level to shift attitudes, behaviors, practices and processes. Merging this approach with robust data, we ensure that our clients DE&I initiatives are focused and informed to optimize effectiveness and demonstrate progress over time.


Enhancing the diversity of organizations

  • Board placements: deep expertise conducting board director searches with a diversity mandate
  • Executive search: combining sector expertise with our equitable search practices helps ensure clients engage and evaluate the best possible talent
  • Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer (CDEIO): we specialize in finding and placing DEI leaders

Analyzing organizations and leadership teams, to optimize corporate culture

  • Inclusive leadership assessment: assess how inclusive your leaders are and make inclusivity a core leadership competency as you think about hiring and succession
  • Develop inclusive leadership: targeted action plans, derived from the assessment, accelerate the development of inclusive leadership behaviors

Advising organizations to help the retention, development and recruitment of top diverse talent

Inclusion index: measure organizational levels of DEI to drive strategy and goals Equitable talent management audit: diagnose equity gaps and sources of systemic bias in talent management processes DEI operating model: design and stand-up an operating model to drive real impact through the DEI function


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