Defining Moments | Video Series

Sustainable LeadershipLeadershipSustainability Officers
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April 18, 2022
3 min
Sustainable LeadershipLeadershipSustainability Officers
Executive Summary
Video series with some of the world’s most pioneering CEOs and board leaders on their journeys to sustainable leadership.


Welcome to Defining Moments—a series where we explore perspectives from sustainable leaders who deliver extraordinary results for people, planet, and profit.

It can be easy to assume that sustainable leaders have always had an innate passion for sustainability. Yet our research shows this is not always true. Sustainable leaders are not just born. They are also made.

For some, a major event leads to a pivotal moment of realization that challenges their worldview. For others, a series of small experiences creates a domino effect that changes the trajectory of their careers—and their lives.

In this series, we talk to some of the world’s most pioneering CEOs and board leaders on their journey to sustainable business. What they did. How they did it. And the defining moments that led them there.





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