TechOps Leadership Accelerator

Developing biotech manufacturing leaders to shape what’s next, right now.



Who should attend?

The Accelerator is open to leaders across biotech manufacturing. It’s particularly suited to:

  • TechOps vice presidents
  • Plant managers
  • Those with global and cross-functional leadership responsibilities

You’ll get the most from the Accelerator if you’re on track to become the Global Head of Manufacturing or a senior vice president within five years.

Pharmaceutical operations faces a leadership challenge. Executives rise to the top thanks of their technical expertise, but they rarely get the formal leadership training required to be great leaders.

With the specific needs of the industry, there’s no doubt technical expertise is vital to great executives, but talented individuals need support to learn how to be effective leaders.

That’s why we’ve developed the TechOps Leadership Accelerator, a highly customized executive leadership program designed to accelerate the development of next-gen biotech manufacturing executives.


How we’ll help you develop as a leader

Over the course of a year, the TechOps Leadership Accelerator will guide you through four modules that go into the detail of business strategy and leadership.

As part of the immersive training, the course includes three in-person day-long sessions where you have the opportunity to hear from leadership experts, experienced panels, and successful biotech executives.


TechOps Leadership Accelerator


1. Leadership Assessment

We start by working with you one-on-one to analyze your leadership strengths and tailor a development plan aligned to your business priorities, so you get the most from the Accelerator process. We do this remotely through four stages:

  • Psychometric analysis – Online testing uncovers your behavioral tendencies, derailers, and values.
  • In-depth interviews – Conversations with business psychologists and industry advisors uncover the strengths and gaps in your knowledge, skills, experiences, and behaviors.
  • 360° feedback – Input from your peers, direct reports, and key stakeholders gives a nuanced view of your role and performance.
  • Leadership dashboard – We share feedback with you and collaborate on a development plan that sets goals and timelines to accelerate your development.


2. Strategy & Disruption

At the first in-person module, we explore how to reinforce strategy for long-term growth, improve operational efficiency and decision-making, plus support a strong network of skilled biotech manufacturing leaders.

  • Trends and disruption – As we think about TechOps strategy, you’ll explore the trends and disruptions that directly impact your business, identifying opportunities and threats.
  • Strategic thinking – You’ll discover why rapid experimentation, creativity, and aligning the entire organization are vital to strategic planning.
  • Operationalizing strategy – You’ll learn about core operational excellence concepts, including understanding industry landscapes, value and supply chains, and systems performance.
  • Innovation and growth– You’ll explore entrepreneurship in organizations, including what established firms do, what works well, and what you can do to foster innovation in your organization.
  • Envision and lead the future – You’ll learn how to anticipate the future to prepare for disruption and discuss what it means to lead as an experimental enabler through disruptive change.


3. High-performing Teams

When we come together again, we’ll explore team- and self-management, the “talent champion” mindset, authentic communication, and how to have challenging conversations.

  • Performance and accountability – You’ll learn how to be a multiplier – a leader who amplifies the abilities of those around them – by exploring how to better leverage talent.
  • Conversations that matter – You’ll get the tools to tackle the most challenging conversations, from giving and receiving feedback to influencing without authority. 
  • Executive presence – You’ll cultivate inspirational leadership and communication skills that will let you create compelling messages that drive performance.
  • Influential communications – You’ll use a repeatable framework to craft a message that will garner support and build trust for the change you want to drive.


4. Sustainable Leadership

At the final in-person session, we’ll share techniques for anticipating and responding to change, using purpose to boost performance, building support for change, and leading more inclusively.

  • Leadership self-awareness and purpose – We’ll help you understand your purpose – both personal and professional – and how to use it to build resilience for yourself and your teams.
  • Leading change – You’ll discover how to embrace your role as an agent for change and lead your organization through uncharted waters.
  • Leadership resilience – You’ll define what resilience means to you, identify the resources available to you, and choose the habits you want to form to sustain your leadership in the long term.
  • Authentic leadership – You’ll use the Leaders Shadow framework to reflect on what you say, do, measure, and prioritize to understand how you can lead authentically.


Putting your new leadership skills into practice

Throughout the TechOps Leadership Accelerator, you’ll expand your strategic thinking and leadership skills by applying your new insights and perspectives to a business challenge.

The strategic challenge project will cement your learning while enabling you to have an immediate impact on your organization by:

  • applying new ideas and methodologies
  • learning a process to diagnose and evaluate strategic challenges
  • developing a strong network
  • stimulating innovative thinking
  • measuring concrete business result

TechOps Leadership Accelerator



Dates and Locations


Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4


March-May virtual synchronous and asynchronous sessions

June 19-22, 2023

September 25-28, 2023

December 4-7, 2023



San Francisco


New York


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