Event date: 15 – 17 Nov 2023

Location: Singapore

Languague: English


Diversity Within Boards And Among Entrepreneurs: Real Business Impact or Signs Of Tokenism?

On November 15th, 2023, RRA’s consultant, Patricia Tan, participated in a panel discussion at the Singapore FinTech Festival. The panel included thought leaders, industry veterans, and diversity advocates, and aimed to explore and uncover the truth behind the diversity agenda.

During the event, RRA, in collaboration with FinTech Nation and the Singapore Fintech Association, launched a report titled "Taking Stock & Looking Ahead: Gender Diversity in Southeast Asia's FinTech Landscape." This report focuses on examining the state of gender diversity within the FinTech industry in Southeast Asia. It explores the challenges and opportunities faced by organizations in promoting gender diversity and provides insights on how to address these issues effectively. The report serves as a resource for organizations seeking to create more inclusive and diverse workplaces in the FinTech sector.





Taking Stock & Looking Ahead | Gender Diversity in Southeast Asia’s FinTech Landscape