Move the Dial on Diversity with CEO Succession Planning

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Everywhere you look, people are paying more attention to diversity in leadership.

For boards, making sure they are seeing a diverse pool of candidates, and that there are equitable opportunities for all candidates, has never been more important.

There’s a clear need for change.

But incremental shifts (such as one more executive from an underrepresented minority than you had the previous year) are no longer enough. Instead, businesses need to be brave about identifying the root causes of their lack of diversity, and bold in taking action to remedy the problem.

Introducing our new eBook: Move the Dial on Diversity with CEO Succession Planning.

It illustrates how boards can tackle diversity imbalances in leadership through thoughtful, measured CEO succession planning.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Reasons why inequity exists at the leadership level
  • How succession planning helps identify a diverse range of internal talent
  • How to create an equitable succession planning process
  • The practical assessments that give candidates equitable opportunities to shine
  • How CEO succession ultimately delivers a regenerating pipeline of future leaders


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