Generative AI and Corporate Boards

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July 13, 2023
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Technology and InnovationTechnologyArtificial IntelligenceTechnology, Data, and Digital Officers
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Advisory work, tech leadership gatherings, generative AI, sustainable growth, future leaders. Tech executives needed on boards.


It has been a busy first half of the year for the technology industry group at RRA. In addition to our leadership advisory work with boards, CEOs and C-suite executive teams, we've had the pleasure of bringing together technology executives from various sectors to delve into the future of tech leadership. These gatherings provided an invaluable platform for leaders from high-growth private companies and public tech enterprises worldwide to share their insights and strategies in this rapidly evolving industry.

We’re pleased to share some of the perspectives and insights from these sessions with you in our first This Month in Tech@RRA update.

Three consistent themes that have recently emerged:

  • Unleashing the power and potential of generative AI, but mitigating its risks.
  • Sustaining more profitable growth through the downturn while making the important strategic bets for the future.
  • Identifying future leaders who can navigate tech's changing landscape and culture.

It’s been top of mind for many: generative AI. You know what it is, what it can (and can’t) do, but have you had a moment to think about what its rapid advancement means for boards?

Companies worldwide are grappling with how to effectively embrace and govern the use of these tools, taking into account their specific needs and customer base, as well as new requirements for their leadership teams. What’s less discussed but critically important: the role that corporate boards will play in helping to navigate the promises and challenges of generative AI, which include strategic implementation, integration management, data stewardship, as well as driving acceptance at all levels and across all functions.

That said, it's evident that many boards lack the required expertise to strategically govern and advise on how to navigate embedding emerging technologies. Boards, across every industry, need directors who are fluent in technology, with proven strategic management skills and a successful track record in overseeing technical transformations.

Today's technology executives are uniquely positioned to fulfill these critical needs. Are you interested in exploring such a role?

If you have the background and experience, and an interest in this next chapter of “Tech on Boards”, reply to set up a chat with our advisors.

As we continue to shape Tech@RRA, we would value your input into what topics, insights, and connectivity are of most interest. Please take 1 minute to let us know.

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