Equitable Succession

To meet stakeholder expectations of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the top of organizations, leaders need to build succession plans that embrace equitable succession practices.



Why equitable succession practices are essential for all businesses


Organizations have been slow to increase diversity at the top, with historically marginalized groups still facing underrepresentation.

Equitable Sussesion
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of the S&P100 C-suite members


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of the S&P100 C-suite members

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Source: Our analysis of S&P100 Leadership Teams, 2022 (1,583 executives), based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: https://www.bls.gov/cps/cpsaat18.htm



Our approach to equitable succession


We help you integrate equitable succession practices into your organization, so you can increase objectivity, include a wider pool of people, and develop more diverse leadership pipelines.


Understand your pipeline of diverse talent


Tracking workforce demographics, where possible, lets succession committees spot and address diversity gaps in leadership pipelines before they become entrenched.


Assess potential, not just experience


The route to the top of an organization doesn’t always need to be the same, so it’s important to assess leadership potential rather than just tick every experience box.


Supercharge development for emerging leaders


Providing business-focused development can help level the playing field for underrepresented groups who get less exposure to the experiences that grant entry to the C-suite.


Be intentional about C-suite sponsorship programs


Despite sponsors playing a big part in supporting the career advancement of underrepresented talent, sponsorship isn’t happening at the rate it should.


Broaden the horizons of succession planning


It’s easy to make assumptions about who’s right for a role, so it’s important to take intentional steps to ensure succession planning decisions consider everyone with the potential to succeed.



Our equitable executive search practices deliver results


Data from our executive searches show our equitable search practices ensure more diverse candidates earn leadership roles.



Note: Data from 696 searches where we used equitable search practices to find the successful candidate, as of July 2022.




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