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How much progress are technology firms making on sustainability?


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Tech firms have a huge opportunity to infuse sustainability across business strategy—for people, planet, and profit. Our research shows the incredible value tech leaders expect to unlock from sustainability.


      More engaged employees

      Stronger brand reputation

      Better customer satisfaction

      Stronger partnerships


The transition to sustainable business practices will demand a total rethink of strategy and operational models. And we’re seeing tech firms struggle to get there.

Despite strong commitments to the environment, human rights, and DE&I, corporate governance is limiting progress.

To understand the scale of the challenge, we surveyed 290 C-suite executives, 604 next-generation leaders, and 1,945 employees across the technology sector to answer four questions:

  • How many tech firms have a sustainability strategy in place? 
  • How much progress do tech leaders expect to make towards sustainability in the next five years? 
  • What are the top barriers tech leaders face in making sustainability happen? 
  • How can tech leaders accelerate action to deliver on their sustainability targets?

Discover what we found out in our latest research report.






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Sustainability is now the defining issue of our time