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Are healthcare companies capturing the opportunity of sustainability?


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Healthcare firms have a significant opportunity to make sustainability core to their DNA—and help build a fairer world for all. By doing so, they’ll be able to innovate faster, better engage customers, and accelerate top-line growth. The question is whether healthcare companies are ready to unlock this radical opportunity.


      Future-proofed business

      Better access to talent

      Faster top-line growth

      Satisfy investors and regulators


Our research shows healthcare companies are struggling to capture these opportunities.

Despite pressures from regulators, customers, and partners, many healthcare firms just see sustainability as a brand-management exercise. Yet sustainability is so much more than a reputational risk to manage.

To understand the scale of the challenge, we surveyed 50 C-suite executives, 141 next-generation leaders, and 528 employees across the healthcare sector to answer four questions:

  • How mature are the sustainability efforts of healthcare companies? 
  • How much progress have healthcare companies made towards sustainability? 
  • What are the top barriers healthcare leaders face? 
  • How can healthcare leaders accelerate progress on their sustainability targets? 

Discover what we found out in our latest research report.






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Sustainability is now the defining issue of our time