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Jane Bird
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Jane Bird

Jane Bird co-leads the firm’s global Consumer & Commercial Financial Services Practice, based in London. She conducts a broad range of senior-level search and advisory engagements across the financial services industry, with a focus on consumer and commercial banking, fintech, payments and consumer digital. Jane recruits a broad range of senior executives, including CEOs, CFOs, Chief Digital Officers, CMOs, COOs and CROs. She advises clients on digital and customer leadership, succession planning and leadership development, as well as helping global clients align talent with their overall strategy and assessing existing leadership teams, especially around board/CEO succession planning. Jane works with publicly traded firms, private equity and smaller companies which are, or growing to become, leaders in their own fields.

Previous Experience

Before joining Russell Reynolds Associates, Jane was a Partner with another leading UK search firm. In that role, she established a portfolio of clients in consumer and corporate banking and built a successful corporate officers practice. Jane began her career in executive search close to 20 years ago, working in the financial services practice of a global search firm.


Jane received her BA in philosophy from King’s College London.


金融服务, 消费和商业, 金融技术, 业务及专业服务, 企业职能, 供应链高管, 数字化领导力, 风险管理与合规高管, 高管人才搜寻, 数字化

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Jane Bird