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We partner with organizations working to solve today’s greatest challenges and transforming the environment, society, and economy. We’re proud to embed sustainable principles into our client advisory through distinct practice areas.


Getting the team together


Getting the team together


Getting the team together

Social Impact

DEI Practice

Inclusive leadership is a prerequisite for great leadership in today’s world. It’s inclusive leaders who are building the workplace of the future, today.

Only by including diverse voices can leaders drive solutions to complex problems. That’s why we’re committed to strengthening the world’s diverse leadership bench through our DEI Advisory Practice and enabling underrepresented groups to advance their careers. We guide our clients on critical social impact issues, such as how to think holistically about diversity, equity, and inclusion, develop pipelines of diverse talent, and foster inclusive work environments.

ESG Practice

More than 60% of today’s Fortune 250 companies have a senior leader with a sustainability mandate. As sustainability increasingly drives and safeguards financial value creation, our ESG Advisory practice partners with clients to navigate the complex relationships and responsibilities among the private, public, and social sectors, and build the skills required of successful leaders.

We support organizations at every phase of their sustainability journey, finding gaps in leadership approaches and offering comprehensive guidance on embedding sustainable leadership across strategy, operations, and culture.

Social Impact Practice

Our Social Impact and Education practice works with organizations to address the world’s most critical issues in times of radical uncertainty. Our clients endeavor to change hearts and minds—and we partner with them to recruit leaders who have tangible impacts on society.

Our team of social impact experts also coordinates across sectors to find and share creative leadership solutions and cultivate the next generation of leaders. Through this forward-thinking, collaborative approach, we aim to help solve global social issues, from transitioning to a low-carbon economy and improving access to sustainable energy solutions to addressing global refugee crises.


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