Global Supply Chain

We help boards and CEOs understand and face the challenges, risks and implications of doing business in today’s fast-changing global marketplace.

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The most innovative companies realize that, in a time of rapid change, dealing with issues from consumer disruption to the fast pace of globalization has a significant supply chain impact across industries and geographies worldwide. Organizations around the globe are faced with the new world of operating in an intricate web of integrated, global relationships that supersede political and geographic boundaries and cross over traditional barriers within companies themselves. This is the meaning of supply chain management today, a burning topic facing boards and CEOs endeavoring to understand how these changes affect their business models and markets and then determining what to do. This goes to the heart of challenging companies to re-evaluate their supply chain strategies: Who are their future customers/consumers? How do companies meet consumer needs? Who will their future partners be? What are the risks and opportunities? Do they understand the organization’s global supply chain? The answers to these questions have a direct impact on the capabilities and skills required to lead any organization in the future.

Boards & CEOs

​We advise boards on the changing market implications and risks to their organization and, therefore, today’s supply chain skills needed in the CEO and leadership team.

​​There are multiple levers within an organization’s global supply chain that can directly affect profitability and cause serious exposure. We emphasize board director awareness of these levers and discuss the skills required of the executive team to lead the organization of the future. We help boards recognize the importance of highly effective leadership, putting major global supply chain issues on the table and making sure that executive leadership is equipped to construct and effectively lead global and complex end-to-end supply chains.

Implications for CEOs

The growing impact of emerging economies and the resulting consumer power, technology and globalization of markets are creating demands on CEOs with regard to their own skills, as well as their leadership team, pushing well beyond traditional management skills.

The increasing complexity of markets and the demands of consumers have a significant consequence on how leaders are able to adapt and keep up with change. Ensuring the right mix of skills and experience is essential for effective end-to-end supply chain management. We assist leaders in understanding the impact of a global supply chain strategy on their business and help them identify individuals who have the leadership and behavioral competencies necessary for driving the organization’s strategic objectives in order to remain competitive in this fast-changing world.​
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Global Supply Chain