Women of Wall Street Ask 'Who's Next' After Citi Picks Jane Fraser as CEO

Executive recruiters discuss how the pandemic could reshape CFO searches and hiring in the months and years ahead.

Bloomberg | September 10, 2020


The Bloomberg article, “Women of Wall Street Ask 'Who's Next' After Citi Picks Jane Fraser as CEO,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Mary-Caroline ​Tillman​ on Jane​ Fraser’s ap​​​​​pointment to CEO of Citigroup. The article is excerpted below.

As congratulations​ rolled in across Wall Street for its newest boss, diversity advocates said the financial industry has a lot more to do to rea​​​ch gender equality and pay equity. It's taken this long to appoint the first, and only, female chief executive officer at one of the biggest U.S. banks, and efforts to get more women into senior management have been slow to boost representation.​​

The top groups of influential operating teams that oversee the six biggest U.S. banks are dominated by men. Women make up a third or less of tho​​se groups inside all of them except JPMorgan Chase & Co., where the gender split is even. In total, there are two men for every woman who sit in those powerful Wall Street spots.


Here’s what other leaders said about Fraser’s appointment:​

Mary-Carolin​e Tillma​​n, head of financial services at Russell Reynolds Associates

“Jane is an out​​standing executive in terms of her background and capabilities with a strong reputation for innovative, inclusive and sustainable leadership. She has earned the appointment as CEO of Citigroup and is an inspiration for other female executives to know that merit is recognized in leadership appointments. This is a special day and a milestone.”

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Women of Wall Street Ask 'Who's Next' After Citi Picks Jane Fraser as CEO