Why HR can’t forget the D&I agenda

Experts say the pandemic could deepen already-existing inequalities.

Human Resource Executive | June 23, 2020

The Human Resource Executive article, "Why HR can't forget the D&I agenda," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant T.R. Straub on why the work-from-home ​culture can be dangerous to D&I progress if not properly managed. The article is excerpted below.

As Americans begin returning to workplaces, many HR leaders are focused on mitigating health risks. But they also need to be mindful, experts say, of the added risks to their D&I agendas.

“In times of stress, human nature is to default to people who feel familiar and ‘safe’; this is a dangerous pitfall right now,” says T.R. Straub, co-leader of the Diversity & Inclusion Practice at Russell Reynolds Associates, an executive search firm.

For instance, Straub says, with many people working from home, there are few opportunities to bump into others and engage in conversations with those outside of your default network.

“For those at less senior levels, or otherwise outside of spheres of influence, this can diminish their voices,” Straub says. “And, by the sheer nature that the senior-most ranks of organizations are less diverse, this has the unintended effect of inadvertently shutting out minority voices.”

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Why HR can’t forget the D&I agenda