Who Will Lead Digital Strategy in the C-suite?


Chuck's Blog | January 31, 2012

Chuck Hollis, VP and Global Marketing CTO of the EMC Corporation, recently published a comparative look at Russell Reynolds Associates’ analysis of digital talent in the C-suite and Dr. Peter Weill’s research at MIT's Sloan School of Management on the strategic importance of prioritizing digital for business strategy.

Hollis notes that if CEOs and Boards agree that 'establishing and nurturing a digital business model is a matter of some strategic urgency', the question to answer is 'who will lead the charge at an executive level?'

Clearly, this important role doesn't neatly fit into most established categories: CIO, business unit leader, marketing leader, etc. Russell Reynolds Associates makes the case for a relatively new role -- the Chief Digital Officer, or CDO for short.
Hollis agrees that the CDO must have a unique set of skills and experience to realize the full potential of the rapidly evolving digital space, beyond the traditional CIO candidate, and outlines key traits he would look for in a CDO candidate. Read the full article on Chuck Hollis’ blog and access the Russell Reynolds Associates’ paper ‘The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer’.

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Who Will Lead Digital Strategy in the C-suite?