Where does Oz stand on diversity and inclusion?


Human Resources Director Australia | September 25, 2017

The Human Resources Director article, “Where does Oz stand on diversity and inclusion?" quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultants Aimee Williamson and Anthony Armstrong and also featured the firm's research, "Diversity and Inclusion Pulse: 2017 Leader’s Guide​." The article is excerpted below. ​

Think Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world in terms implementing D&I initiatives? Think again.

New research suggests that leadership teams in Australia and New Zealand are ahead of the curve when it comes to D&I, according to Aimee Williamson, executive director at Russell Reynolds Associates.

“In Australia and New Zealand, CEOs are taking a much more active role in setting their organisation’s strategy than the rest of the globe,” Williamson told HRD.

Williamson cited the finding that Australia and New Zealand organisations saw that 61% of executives report their CEO sets the D&I strategy in ANZ, versus just 49% globally.

“What we know about D&I is that the standard is set from the top and the CEO’s active engagement is much more likely to deliver outcomes,” said Williamson.

The results came from Russell Reynolds Associates recent D&I Report which surveyed more than 2,000 senior executives globally.

To read the full article​​, click here.   

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Where does Oz stand on diversity and inclusion?