Where Are All the Women in Private Equity?

 Very few have roles at the top of the world’s biggest firms.

Bloomberg Businessweek | October 3, 2019

The Bloomberg Businessweek article, "Where Are All the Women in Private Equity?" quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Heather Hammond on PE firms' need to look beyond their typical candidate pools when hiring. The article is excerpted below.

If private equity dealmakers are a tiny economic elite, they are a narrow one, too. A Bloomberg analysis found that women fill only 8% of senior investment roles globally at the 10 largest firms that use debt to buy companies. Only one or two women are present in top positions on the buyout investment teams of most firms, which are generally made up of dozens of executives.


PE firms need to cast a wider net, says Heather Hammond, a senior member at recruiting firm Russell Reynolds Associates. She says she encourages firms to look beyond the usual banks and other buyout firms when hiring. For example, someone in corporate development at an acquisitive industrial conglomerate is likely to have skills a PE firm can use. “We have to push the boundaries,” she says.

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Where Are All the Women in Private Equity?