Want to build a welcoming workplace? Leadership sets the tone


Telegraph Herald | March 7, 2019

The Telegraph Herald article, “Want to build a welcoming workplace? Leadership sets the tone," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates 2017 survey on inclusion in the corporate world. The article is excerpted below.

Ask employees of any business what they want out of their jobs, and you will hear a familiar refrain: We want to feel welcomed and valued — that we matter as people.

Company leadership plays an important role in creating a workplace culture that welcomes all employees. In turn, this type of environment can have a profound effect on the community at large, increasing job satisfaction that propels the local economy and building a community’s reputation as being open to people.

That’s why the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque is working with local businesses and nonprofits, large and small, to support policies and practices that make the Dubuque area a region of choice for employees and their families looking for a hospitable place where they can live and succeed.

We also know that inclusion — even more than diversity — is nebulous: Hard to define and harder to measure.

A 2017 survey by management consulting firm Russell Reynolds Associates of nearly 2,200 global senior executives revealed that most companies “struggle to define, measure and strategize for an inclusive culture.” While more than two-thirds of executives said their companies align diversity-building efforts within their business strategy, just 45 percent said they align their efforts to create an inclusive culture with their business strategy.

Our goal is to help business leaders develop concrete solutions for not only diversifying the demographics of their workforce but also making all employees feel welcome.

These talks, as I have seen firsthand, are not always easy to have. But they are important as we work together to build workplaces and communities that are truly welcoming and inclusive.

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Want to build a welcoming workplace? Leadership sets the tone