Using data, accountability to make the D&I difference

Now is the time to double-down on diversity.

Human Resource Executive | June 26, 2020

The Human Resource Executive article, "Using data, accountability to make the D&I difference​," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultants Tina Shah Paikeday and T.R. Straub on the importance of an inclusive culture and how accountability is a key element for getting there. The article is excerpted below. 

In light of COVID-19 and the simultaneous growing awareness of racial disparities and injustice, experts believe now might be the perfect time for HR leaders to focus on bolstering their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“At this moment in time, when we are all united in supporting black colleagues, it is critical to recognize the disproportionate impact of structural racism on African Americans while being inclusive of all colleagues on this D&I journey,” says Tina Shah Paikeday, leader of Russell Reynolds’ global Diversity & Inclusion advisory services and a senior member of the Leadership & Succession team.

To ensure that organizations do not lose sight of the importance of equality in difficult times, many D&I execs are targeting monthly updates with their top leaders to keep them apprised of changing employee demographics and perceptions, says T.R. Straub, co-leader of the Diversity & Inclusion Practice at Russell Reynolds Associates, an executive search firm. Additionally, organizations have been engaging in frequent pulse surveys and/or leveraging employee research groups to get an authentic understanding of employee sentiment and address the root issues people are facing.

“Accountability is key,” Straub says. “Ideally, from the CEO on down, you can rely on self-accountability. However, you should also tap others to keep you honest, ensuring you’re not losing focus on the D&I issues that matter.”

To read the full article, click here​.

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Using data, accountability to make the D&I difference