Top 100 Wieduwilt's World

If you can make it in Shanghai, you can also make it in Germany.

Manager Magazin | December 20, 2017

The Manager Magazin article, "Top 100 Wieduwilt's World," named Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Ulrike Wieduwilt as one of Germany's Top 100 Women in Business for 2017. A translated excerpt of the article is below.

Accounting and law firms have consistently been trending toward having more women-power on the management boards of companies offering professional services for a long time now. The executive search consultancy firm, Russell Reynolds, is now following suit. Since last April, Ulrike Wieduwilt (54) has been at the helm of the German team. Her office is located in the elegant Neuer Wall shopping street, not far away from Hamburg’s Jungfernstieg Street.

Wieduwilt is the only woman in Germany to preside over a large, global executive search firm.

Wieduwilt has worked for Russell Reynolds since 1999; her clients come predominantly from the consumer goods sector (Bahlsen, Danone, GfK). She began her career at Mars and after ten years, she switched to management for the catering chain, Eugen Block, before becoming a headhunter.

To read the full article in German, click here.

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Top 100 Wieduwilt's World