Too few women at the second management tier


Südwestrundfunk | May 17, 2019

The Südwestrundfunk (SWR) article, “Too few women at the second management tier,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Ulrike Wieduwilt on gender diversity in Germany. The article is excerpted below.

Why do only very few women manage to get into the top positions in business? One of the people disconcerted by this issue is Ulrike Wieduwilt, German country head at Russell Reynolds, one of the world's largest recruiting companies. She believes there are too few women at the second management tier.

"When you look at large industrial companies, at country roles, or regional functions, you rarely get to meet women. But if 25 percent of executives at some level are women, then it will become easier for them to be promoted. Then a natural selection process takes place and women will obviously also be involved in such a process." (Ulrike Wieduwilt, country head, Russell Reynolds Associates, Germany)

Family - the demise of the career
More women on successor lists for top-tier positions: For this to happen, careers of junior female managers have to run smoothly. But this doesn't occur that often. Ulrike Wieduwilt says many women suffer a career setback - which strikes when they have children. Between the ages of 30 and 40, women make important career moves and when another child is born and stress increases, many women leave their jobs. Wieduwilt thus recommends that people employing domestic help receive tax incentives.

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Too few women at the second management tier