These Are the Top Leadership Traits the Next CEO of Uber Must Have

As former GE CEO Jeff Immelt emerges as the frontrunner to led Uber, experts say areas like integrity, humility and vulnerability will be important for the new CEO to show.

The Street | August 25, 2017

The Street article, “These Are the Top Leadership Traits the Next CEO of Uber Must Have,” quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Nada Usina ​​​​about the characteristics the next CEO of Uber will need to possess. The article is excerpted below.

Jeffrey Immelt, the former chief of General Electric Co., may well be qualified to take over at Uber Technologies Inc., the troubled ride-sharing company. He may even be lobbying for the job.

Recode reported that Immelt, 61, is the leading candidate to replace Uber's ousted co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick. Kalanick, 41, resigned in June after five of Uber's major investors, including the venture capital firm Benchmark Capital, demanded that he leave. Immelt stepped down as GE's CEO on Aug. 1 but will serve as GE's chairman until the end of the year.


As of Aug. 24, there are 23 analysts covering GE, of which about 58% rate the shares a "Buy," compared with about 32% having a "Hold" rating and 10% with a "Sell" rating, per Bloomberg data.

Nor is previous success a guarantee for the future, said Nada Usina, member of the CEO/Board Services Practice at the executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates.

"When you bring in a CEO that follows the founder, the maturity of that CEO and what they have seen in terms of business cycles as well as the agility within their own careers will be a major contributor to their success," Usina said.

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These Are the Top Leadership Traits the Next CEO of Uber Must Have