The Profile of the Leader in the Age of Artificial Intelligence


RRHHpress | March 24, 2019

The RRHHpress article, “The Profile of the Leader in the Age of Artificial Intelligence," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Jesús Arévalo on how AI will impact work. An excerpt of the article, translated from the original Spanish, is below.

The technology associated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) will set the pace in 2019. Therefore, it is more important than ever to have leaders who are able to connect business strategy to Artificial Intelligence capabilities to work cross-functionally.

Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA) - a global recruitment, assessment and advisory firm of senior executives - has prepared a study that delves into the profile of leaders in the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Jesús Arévalo, Technology Partner at Russell Reynolds, claims that "the technologies around Artificial Intelligence, such as machine learning, natural language processing and robotics, will have very deep implications for business strategies in each and every sector of the economy and also in the society we live in overall."

The need arises for a new profile of professionals from new business models that will require a different way of doing things and approaching the client. In order to meet the needs of those companies seeking to differentiate themselves, the aspect that will set the pace of organizations' success will be the investment in this type of technology, as was the case with digital transformation, and those who fail to adapt will be left behind.

"Contrary to the widespread fear that it will eliminate many of today's jobs, Artificial Intelligence will complement and reinforce the workers. The collective intelligence of people and machines working together will help us solve business problems and problems in many other areas that, until recently, were considered unsolvable. And, within this new context, leaders will be required to develop and foster new profiles and skills," points out Arévalo.

The entire article in its original Spanish can be found here.

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The Profile of the Leader in the Age of Artificial Intelligence