The most in-demand profiles in the BioRegion


Biocat | September 30, 2019

The Biocat article, "The most in-demand profiles in the BioRegion," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Diego Esteban on why most of the professional opportunities in the biomedical industry are currently at start-ups. The article is excerpted below.

The healthcare and life sciences sector employs more than 220,000 people, or 7% of the working population of Catalonia, according to data from the Biocat Report. Of these, 170,000 work in the network of healthcare providers and over 53,000 at biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical technology, healthtech and professional services companies or sector suppliers, distributors and investment bodies. This group has grown 3.7% per year in recent years.

The quantitative figures clearly show this is an attractive sector for professionals. Which profiles, though, do these companies need? What skills and attitudes are they looking for? Where can job offers be found? Headhunters and HR consultants that specialize in the sector have answered these questions for us.


Startup seeking CEO: inquire within

Working for big pharma isn't the only promising career option in the biomedical industry anymore. Each week, on average, one new company is created in the BioRegion of Catalonia: that's why many professional opportunities in the sector are currently at start-ups.


What are these emerging companies looking for? "If we're talking about biotechnology start-ups, the founders are normally scientists who need to hire CEOs to take care of the business side, or medical directors to handle the company's external relations," explains Diego Esteban, who has been working as a headhunter for the past 15 years and specializes in finding top executives for the healthcare sector and heads up the Russell Reynolds recruitment consultancy firm in Barcelona.

Can any good executive lead a start-up? The experts all firmly agree: no. "A start-up needs people who are quick and flexible, with entrepreneurial spirit, but who can also work methodically, rigorously, like they would at a multinational corporation, and this balance is hard to find," warns Esteban, who has found executives for the top companies and research organizations in the BioRegion.

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The most in-demand profiles in the BioRegion