The jobs artificial intelligence will most likely replace


Information Management | December 28, 2017


The Information Management article, “The jobs artificial intelligence will most likely replace,” was co-written by Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant David Finke and Global Knowledge Leader PJ Neal. The piece featured the firm's research, "Uniquely Human: Talent Implications of Technological Disruption in the Workforce." The article is excerpted below.

According to some dire and sensational headlines, many people will likely soon find themselves in the unemployment line, while a relative of a Roomba moves in to their office, taking over their old job.

Few topics have created so much fear, uncertainty and doubt in the workplace as recent developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. As people welcome Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant into their homes and personal lives, they are beginning to wonder if the same technology that answers their questions and assists them in their day-to-day lives could soon replace them in the office and on the factory floor, doing the same work they did – but better, faster, cheaper, 24/7/365.

Should you be worried? Probably not. 


Earlier this year, the Center for Leadership Insight at Russell Reynolds Associates set out to examine how management, finance and administrative workers spend their time at work. Looking at data on 103 different jobs, we classified a total of 1,880 tasks (the specific activities these workers undertake) based on the likelihood that each task would be replaced or disrupted by AI.

We then looked at all the tasks associated with each of the 103 job, and categorized each job as likely to be replaced by AI in the near future, augmented or redesigned to better leverage technology, or remain essentially the same as it is today.

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The jobs artificial intelligence will most likely replace