Podcast: The growing importance of CHROs to the success of a business


Money FM 89.3 | July 25, 2019

Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Nick Chia was interviewed by MoneyFM 89.3 radio station in Singapore as a part of the podcast, “The growing importance of CHROs to the success of a business." To listen, click on the image below.

98% of chief human resources officers believe economic downturn is coming but only 12% feel prepared. From the ongoing trade war to the arrival of 5G, it seems like disruption is proving to be an ongoing theme. While governments are moving in tandem, laying plans out to build a robust and intelligent workforce equipped to handle the challenges of the future, it isn’t guaranteed that APAC is immune to uncertainty. Singapore is not an exception in the region, especially as it takes concrete steps to achieving its smart city ambitions. Nick Chia, Country Manager of Singapore, Russell Reynolds shares more.

 To listen to the podcast, click here.