The elements of a great diversity program


Human Resources Director Australia | October 10, 2017

The Human Resources Director article, “The elements of a great diversity program," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultants Aimee Williamson and Anthony Armstrong and featured the firm's research, "Diversity and Inclusion Pulse: 2017 Leader’s Guide​." The article is excerpted below.

In Australia, there is an increasing trend towards appointing people responsible for leading D&I initiatives, according to Anthony Armstrong, country manager – Australia, at Russell Reynolds Associates.

This includes committees of senior executives with a manager responsible for implementing a D&I program that might have an LGBTI component, an ethnic diversity component, or a male/female split taskforce.

This is what we are seeing more of in the bigger corporations, including the banks and the telecommunications companies, Armstrong told HRD.

“They have specific programs against each of the groups in order to accelerate the numbers, but the key factor is having the leadership involved and engaged,” he said.

“You will see that in a number of the banks that the CEO is the key stakeholder of these groups, so they have got a very high level of personal commitment and engagement, and that does tend to drive an outcome.”


Aimee Williamson, executive director at Russell Reynolds Associates, added that there are very specific activities that organisations have been focused on from a D&I perspective around the talent life cycle.

“This includes looking at how aligned the D&I is to the business strategy, as the best organisations will ensure that the strategy and the D&I policies are well-aligned and promoted from the top-down,” Williamson told HRD.

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The elements of a great diversity program