The Digital Career Switchover

The Financial Times talks to Rhys Grossman

Financial Tiimes | May 23, 2012


The Financial Times discusses the demand for Chief Digital Officers with Rhys Grossman based on findings from Russell Reynolds Associates’ report “The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer”.

Rhys Grossman, at Russell Reynolds Associates, says demand for chief digital officers – expert technology specialists who take senior positions at the right hand of the CEO and help to transform company strategy – has increased dramatically. In Europe, search requests have risen by a third over the past two years; in the US, they have risen by a third in just the past year.

The prestige of the role has increased since the days when the head of digital was an adjunct to the marketing team. “A few years ago, digital roles were a couple of levels down in the organisation. Now they are reporting directly to the chief executive,” says Mr Grossman.

Read the full article on or learn more about the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) role by accessing the full report, The Rise of the Chief Digital Officer.

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The Digital Career Switchover