The Colombian Dream - Returning Expats and Migrating Talent

Hans Roth talks to Dinero

Dinero | February 3, 2012

In the February 2012 issue of Dinero, Hans Roth discusses the increase of expats returning to a booming emerging market in search of career progression at increased salary levels. Roth notes that Colombia's market growth is also attracting foreign executives seeking similar opportunities.

Hans Roth, from executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates, who has led searches for companies such as Cerrejon in Colombia, recognizes another trend: "I have definitely seen an increase of senior executives who are deciding to return to their countries of origin. Especially in emerging economies, these senior executives are finding opportunities that allow them to return and develop their careers progressively at better income levels than if they had remained abroad. There has also been an increase of movements from senior executives from other countries.”

In the same issue, Dinero reports that Russell Reynolds Associates placed Roberto Junguito as the new CEO of Cerrejon, one of the largest open coal pit mine organizations in the world. Cerrejon produces more than 30MM tons of coal per year. Read the full coverage entitled 'The Colombian Dream' on the Dinero website (Spanish).

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The Colombian Dream - Returning Expats and Migrating Talent