The 6-step guide for diversity & inclusion success at work


Human Resources | September 22, 2017

The Human Resources article, “The 6-step guide for diversity & inclusion success at work,” featured the firm's research, "Diversity and Inclusion Pulse: 2017 Leader’s Guide." The article is excerpted below. 

Executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates surveyed 2,167 executives around the world to understand how how companies align themselves around diversity and inclusion (D&I). The findings were compiled into six steps that leaders can take to achieve D&I success:

Step 1: Agree on the meaning of D&I – Ensure that all executives understand the organisation’s definition of D&I so that they can act as informed advocates.

Many companies understand “diversity,” but struggle to grasp “inclusion” in concrete terms. Nearly half of executives (47%) state that their organisations have a clear, holistic definition of diversity, while less than a quarter (24%) are aware of a definition of inclusion.

Step 2: Develop a D&I strategy – In order to fully realise human capital benefits, such as increased employee engagement and creativity.

A majority of companies surveyed have established D&I strategies, but ownership is fragmented and best practices have not emerged – close to half (49%) say it is the CEO’s prerogative, while just under one-third (31%) believe the CHRO should take on this task.

Step 3: Publicly commit to D&I – Hold leadership accountable for results.

To get leaders on board, companies are moving beyond treating D&I as a compliance obligation and are instead broadcasting the commercial benefits it promises if truly embedded into the company’s DNA. Formal accountability mechanisms, such as adding D&I targets to leadership performance criteria, ensure that real progress is made over time.

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The 6-step guide for diversity & inclusion success at work