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AESC | March 15, 2019

The AESC Executive Talent article, “Talent Technologies," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Consultants Kinga Peers and Anna Penfold on how human resources is experiencing disruptive tech trends. The article is excerpted below.

Digital transformation is impacting nearly every industry, geography and business function. Now it is Human Resources’ turn to experience the impact of some disruptive tech trends. Is HR ready? Recent AESC research identified CHROs as the least prepared, relative to other C-Suite roles, for digital transformation. The HR world itself is being disrupted, and HR leaders need to prepare themselves and their organizations.

“Technology transforms how an organization can think about delivering HR to its people,” says Kinga Peers, a member of Russell Reynolds Human Resources Practice. “The huge difference that we’ve seen is the pace of that change driven also by the expectations from the end-users. As companies seek to become more customer driven from a commercial perspective, innovative HR leaders are doing the same for the employee experience and ensuring seamless HR delivery.”

Anna Penfold, who leads Russell Reynolds' Human Resources Practice from the UK, agrees. “Every company is going through a change program which affects the HR organization, and there will be a technology component to all of that.”

From digital tools to managing data to AI, a lot is happening in human resources.

To read the full article, click here.

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Talent Technologies