Survey Roundup: Activists Look to Governance Issues in 2018


December 22, 2017

The Wall Street Journal article, “Survey Roundup: Activists Look to Governance Issues in 2018," featured the study, "Global and Regional Trends in Corporate Governance for 2018." The article is excerpted below.

More Active In 2018: A report from executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates, based on interviews with 30 institutional and activist investors, concluded investors will be paying more attention in 2018 to cybersecurity, climate-change risk and corporate culture issues. Among the top trends uncovered: increased emphasis on encouraging strong corporate governance; improving the quality and composition of boards; additional scrutiny of executive compensation; and a rising concern about cybersecurity.

“This may require boards to revisit their approaches to risk oversight, including broadening their perspectives on what constitutes risk management and is therefore within the scope of a board’s oversight responsibilities,” stated the report. “U.S. boards can anticipate continuing pressure from investors to enhance disclosures regarding board composition, climate change risk, and cybersecurity.”

To read the full article​​, click here.

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Survey Roundup: Activists Look to Governance Issues in 2018