Should CIOs Be Certified to Practice Data?


The Wall Street Journal | December 19, 2016

The Wall Street Journal, “Should CIOs Be Certified to Practice Data?” interviewed Russell Reynolds Associates Consultant Eric Sigurdson on his thoughts on the question. The article is excerpted below.

Is the chief financial officer of your company a certified public accountant? What about your firm’s chief legal officer? Is this person mandated by state law to pass a bar examination before they practice law? The answer to these rhetorical questions is certifiably “yes”.

But what about the role of chief information officer? What professional certification program were you required to complete before becoming a chief information officer? I have asked that question to hundreds of chief information officers. In return, I often receive befuddled expressions, bordering on bewilderment, that call my sanity into question! Not once has a chief information officer answered in the affirmative.


So why haven’t corporate boards demanded the chief information officer role be certified, just like lawyers and accountants? Eric Sigurdson, co-lead of the Information Officer practice at Russell Reynolds, a global executive search firm, says, “that question is worth being asked.”


Do you have the certifiable security skills to lead your board, and your firm, through the labyrinth of “business risk” posed by the embrace of pervasive digital technology throughout the company? If you do, congratulations. As Mr. Sigurdson at Russell Reynolds hinted, corporate boards may soon be asking you the certification question in the near future.

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Should CIOs Be Certified to Practice Data?