Senior Executive Assessment

A Key to Responsible Corporate Governance

Authored by Dean Stamoulis, a managing director and leader of the Russell Reynolds Associates’ Executive Assessment practice, the book is a definitive study on the nature of executive assessment, the rationale and application for this process within an organization and its value to building an effective senior leadership team and optimizing their performance in corporate governance.  

Senior Executive Assessment is a timely and useful discussion of why executive assessment matters, and how to do it.  It matters because 65% of existing CEOs will fail in the next three years, and the methodology for minimizing this financially costly problem is well understood by the very experienced and clever Dr. Stamoulis,” remarks Robert Hogan, Ph.D., President of Hogan Assessment Systems. ” Dr. Stamoulis’ subject writing is clear and crisp and the organization thoughtful and logical.  His book is no doubt the best I have ever seen on the topic.”

According to Stamoulis, the subject of executive assessment is critically important given the challenges facing corporate leadership in today’s economic environment.  “Choosing the right leaders for senior roles in an organization has always been a complex and difficult process, and assessment of potential leaders’ competencies and skills has helped to provide valuable insight to the decision makers” said Stamoulis.  “The current recession and increased requirements for corporate governance have elevated assessment to an absolutely essential tool for charting future success.”

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Senior Executive Assessment