Scaling Content: The Next Wave For Content Strategy


Forbes | May 14, 2021

The Forbes article, "Scaling Content: The Next Wave For Content Strategy," quoted Russell Reynolds Associates Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Amy Scissons on digital content marketing and how our firm is approaching the topic. The article is excerpted below.

Recent years have spotlighted the growth of content strategy as a marketing and transformation lever–defining the role for content in the enterprise and building plans that are audience-driven, based on their needs and preferences to match your business goals and objectives.

The next wave is building agile content systems—being able to produce a large volume of content fairly quickly and deploying the right type of content at the right time to the right person. 

In Altimeter’s recent 2021 State of Digital Content report, a study of 375 enterprise marketers globally, the research reveals a few key findings:​
  • Brand awareness and thought leadership are the top content goals
  • Producing content based on customer data is the top challenge for companies, followed by aligning teams on a strategy and hiring the right skills
  • A central content team is the most common production model, but increasingly companies are shifting to a more hybrid decentralized model to keep up with demand
  • Despite technology advances, most companies still deploy inefficient processes for content review and approval
  • Businesses are increasingly using A.I. to help create audience segments, generate content variations and power testing processes

Amy Scissons, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Russell Reynolds Associates, read the report and highlighted a few of the global executive advisory firm’s new priorities. “Cracking the code on digital content is no longer only about audience and message, it’s about agility and relevance,” said Scissons. “Marketers are faced with addressing how to insert their firm’s point of view in the existing conversation that helps their clients and prospects meet their day-to-day challenges.” 

“We are at the early stage in our digital content journey,” she continued. “We are thinking big and looking at how we quickly build the [digital asset management] to enable agile content development and delivery across our ecosystem. It will get really interesting when we see how effectively we are able to engage our audiences and grow brand influence – then use those insights to build better content.”

To access the full article, click here.

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Scaling Content: The Next Wave For Content Strategy